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Champagne Wall

Champagne Wall

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Our champagne wall is a unique and eye-catching way to serve champagne or other sparkling wines at events. It is essentially a decorative wall or display that features a series of holes or slots that hold individual champagne flutes.

Our wall holds 50 champagne flutes. our champagne wall consists of a large wooden board with multiple rows of holes, which are arranged in a uniform pattern to create a visually striking display. The wall can be decorated with flowers, foliage, or other decorative elements to match the theme or color scheme of the event.

To use the champagne wall, guests simply select a flute from one of the slots and fill it with their preferred champagne or sparkling wine. The wall can be staffed by an attendant, who can assist guests with pouring and refilling their glasses, or can be left as a self-serve option.

A champagne wall is a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, and other formal occasions where you want to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. It adds a unique and memorable touch to the event and creates a fun and interactive experience for guests.

Overall, our champagne wall is a great way to serve and display champagne in a creative and visually stunning way, making it an ideal choice for any event where you want to add some extra sparkle and sophistication.

*$50 additional if you would prefer the glasses with the item

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